The 2019 ABC is coming to Europe

The 2019 ABC will be held in Europe. We are excited to see where this will be held and look forward to hearing from local groups and intergroups interested in helping with the event. The application can be found here. Please submit applications by Nov 30, 2017.

Attend our 4th Annual European Meeting in Spain

Saturday 16 September is the date for our 4th Annual European Meeting. This year it will be held in Madrid, Spain. We have chosen a venue which is right in the center of Madrid and surrounded by plenty of restaurants, cafés, and things to see and do with places to stay that cater to all budgets. In addition to the all-day event on Saturday, we plan to have an informal dinner for all of those gathered both on Friday night and Saturday night. We are also looking to organize a walking tour on Sunday morning for visitors from out of town. Here are the links for the program and to register to attendRegistro para el Evento (espanol).

Finnish Yellow Workbook Printed in Europe

The Finnish Yellow Workbook has finally been printed in Europe. 500 copies were delivered on 10 July to Finland to bring more recovery to the fellowship there. To purchase a copy, visit the Finnish fellowship’s website contact page: This marks the second ACA publication to be printed in Europe, saving on the cost (and time) of having to ship the printed materials from the US where foreign literature used to be printed.

Netherlands Intergroup ACA Weekend Retreat 2017

The Netherlands Intergroup invites you to join them on 10-12 November in Voeren, Belgium for a wonderful weekend retreat. They have planed an amazing fun and fellowship filled weekend for you. Meetings will be available in English, Dutch, and Polish languages. More information about the event, including prices and contact details, can be found in the English and Dutch flyers: ACA Weekend Retreat 2017 English | ACA Weekend Retreat 2017 Dutch

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