Mark your calendar: Saturday 16 September – 4th Annual European Meeting in Spain

Saturday 16 September is the date for our 4th Annual European Meeting. This year it will be held in Madrid, Spain. We have chosen a venue which is right in the center of Madrid and surrounded by plenty of restaurants, cafés, and things to see and do with places to stay that cater to all budgets. We expect to announce the venue in June when we finalize things with the venue. In addition to the all-day event on Saturday, we plan to have an informal dinner for all of those gathered both on Friday night and Saturday night. We are also looking to organize a walking tour on Sunday morning for visitors from out of town.

First ACA literature printed in Europe

The European Committee is pleased to announce that the printing of ACA literature in Europe has finally begun. The first piece to be printed in Europe was the Swedish Newcomer booklet (pictured left). 1,000 copies were printed and sent to the Intergroup in Sweden in April. The Finnish Yellow Workbook is heading to production and should be printed in June. This will soon be followed by reprints of the Danish Big Red Book and Yellow Work Book. After that, we expect the Russian Big Red Book and Greek Meditation book to follow. We are currently estimating that 5,000 pieces of literature will be printed in Europe in 2017.

First ever Norwegian ACA convention, 17 June 2017

ACA-intergroup Norway has the pleasure of inviting you to a day of love, hope and fellowship, Saturday the 17th of June 2017 at Vestre Aker Menighetshus, Ullevållsveien 117, Oslo. There is a voluntary entrance fee of 150 NOK. Coffee, cakes, dinner and literature will be sold on site. The arrangement is open to everyone, including non-members, so feel free to bring friends and family. We will focus on the 12 steps of ACA, the Solution, and how through working with the program we recover from the consequences of growing up in an alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional family. Download the following attachment for complete program details: Program
For up to date event information and other news regarding the Norwegian fellowship, visit

2016 European Committee Annual Report

2016 was a busy year for the European Committee. You can read the highlights of our main activities in the Annual Report we presented to the fellowship at the 2017 Annual Business Conference (ABC) that was held on 20-21 April in San Diego, California USA. A lot was accomplished and we plan to do more in 2017 as we continue to serve the European fellowship.

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